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Commander Keen to return on GameBoy

Ancient videogame hero to return for handheld system

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Id Software's Todd Hollenshead yesterday announced that Commander Keen is returning from the dead to join the ranks of Mario and co. on the GameBoy Color. The game will be developed by David A. Palmer Productions for Activision and id judging by the press release and will follow closely id's original Commander Keen series on the PC, with precocious 8-year-old superhero Billy Blaze on an all-new quest to save the world from his alien adversaries, the Droidiccus, Shikadia and Bloogs of Fribbulus Xax. Crikey. We tentatively reported on the possibility of a GameBoy incarnation of Keen back in December, suggesting that the GameBoy Advance would be the medium. So I guess we were half right! The other possible celebration of Keen's ten year anniversary, that the whole series will be released as freeware, seems rather unlikely while commercial opportunities still exist however. Related Feature - Keen lives!

Source - press release

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