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Terminal Reality to Fly! again

Flight sim sequel confirmed by publisher Take 2

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Take 2 today confirmed that they will be publishing "Fly! II", a sequel to the popular flight sim from Terminal Reality. Due for release some time in the third quarter (that's July, August or September for those of you who don't understand biz talk), the game will feature more detailed aircraft and improved terrain, multiplayer support, a range of new cities to fly over, and a real-time day and night cycle. There will also be new aircraft, including the first digital appearance of the Pilatus PC-12, which apparently garnered 56% of the vote in an online poll on which plane players would most like to see added to the game.

"Perhaps the most compelling new feature found in Fly! II", according to Take 2 anyway, "is the addition of Adventures designed to 'give purpose' to the flight experience". Essentially this adds missions to the game to give you a rather more structured experience than simply flying from A to B and admiring the scenery. Examples include fighting forest fires and rescuing workers from an oilrig.

To find out more about the sequel and it's features, read the press release!

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