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GBA to host kiddyvision action title

THQ announce Power Rangers title for the forthcoming Nintendo handheld

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THQ chose yesterday to announce the development of a GameBoy Advance title based on the new "Power Rangers Time Force" television series, scheduled for release in the fall season. "Saban has done an amazing job keeping the Power Rangers franchise at the top of the charts," said Germaine Gioia, vice president of licensing at THQ, especially considering the popularity of Pokemon, we thought, before Gioia continued, "Power Rangers Time Force is an ideal brand for the interactive entertainment category providing a great source of quality content for exciting gameplay". PlayStation and GameBoy Color titles are also in development under the same guise. Saban tell us that Power Rangers is the most popular children's show of the decade. The game itself will, as with the TV series, allow players to travel around the world and through numerous periods to stop evil criminals from manipulating the timeline. Although the material isn't exactly ground-breaking by any stretch of the imagination, the new series has been well received.

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