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Black & White - "Done"

The wait might finally be over

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It looks like the wait might finally be over. After numerous false starts, missed release dates and slipping schedules, Peter Molyneux's magnus opus "Black & White" appears to be on the home straight. The photo gallery on Lionhead's website has been updated with a webcam shot of Peter and the boys looking rather drunk and holding up a big sign saying "Done". Confirmation comes from Lionhead PR bod Cathy Campos, who told VoodooExtreme that "Lionhead made their final submission to EA last night".

Would you trust these guys?

Before you start dancing naked through the streets though, it could still be a few weeks before the game starts to appear in stores. Cathy explains that "it will now have to go though EA's test procedure before it can be declared a gold master; this should take approximately two weeks, but will of course depend on how the testing goes". In other words, assuming that no more life-threatening bugs are found, the game should be sent off for manufacturing some time in mid-March. Allowing time for duplication and distribution, it should be showing up in stores a week or two after that. Which more or less brings us to EA Europe's intended March 30th release date that we exclusively revealed last month.

Can the game live up to the hype? Will the global economy survive its release? And can I convince my villagers to line dance to Aphex Twin? All these questions and more should be answered within the next month...

Source - Voodoo Extreme

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