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Cossacks invade Playing Fields

London to host "16 Nations Challenge" for historical real-time strategy game

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Image credit: Eurogamer

"Cossacks : European Wars" is an epic game in all senses of the word, covering a few centuries worth of warfare across the whole of Europe, and featuring vast maps to battle over with support for up to 8000 units in any single scenario. To celebrate the imminent release of the game, publisher CDV have announced that they will be holding the "16 Nations Challenge" all-nighter in London on the weekend of March 24th. Volunteers are being requested to represent each of the 16 countries included in the game, which should be fairly easy for the likes of England, France, Holland and Spain, but may prove rather more challenging for Algeria, Poland, the Ukraine and Turkey.

Competitors must be "related in some way to one of the 16 different European Nations" and able to make it to the Playing Fields in London under their own steam, although you will be plied with free booze once you get there. Only one person will be allowed to represent each nation, so if you fancy your chances make sure to enter the draw before March 16th. For a full list of competing countries and more details on how to enter, check the Cossacks website.

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