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GBA pre-orders through the roof

Still on course for the big numbers

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Nintendo are still aiming to ship a million GameBoy Advance units in the system's first week, shattering any previous records, and with the level of interest displayed by gamers the world over in this cute little unit, many insiders are saying the figure may be a gross under-estimate. Nintendo's public relations officer in Japan says that the company will produce a million units for launch, and a further 1.5 million for April and May. When all is said and done, the first two months should net profits for four million units. The GameBoy Advance is currently set to launch in Japan on March 21st. Nintendo aim to have sold 24 million GBAs worldwide by March 2002. A sales projection and a half. If you intend to import a GBA when it first hits shores, expect to pay a premium. Mail order and high street importers will all have stock, but the prices will be through the roof. Pre-orders in the £450 range have been confirmed in Greater London.

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