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Rumour Central: Xbox trademark

Sony and Microsoft duke it out on another level entirely

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As we reported earlier this week, Microsoft has been approached by Xbox Technologies, an American company in possession of the original "Xbox" trademark. The CEO of Xbox Technologies said he would fight to the bitter end to retain his trademark, whinging to pretty much every news network that would listen, whilst Microsoft plotted to overthrow him. It turns out, however, that the company is worth a fairly meagre $3.86 million, and could be bought out to secure the 'mark. However, the plot thickens. Rumour has it (and it's early days yet) that Sony intends to swoop in and buy the company before Microsoft can. This would present Sony with the "Xbox" trademark, leaving Microsoft with either an incredibly hefty lawsuit or some seriously nasty royalty payments. Either way this twist will put even more pressure on Bill Gates' firm, and could well usurp their plans to use the name. We shall keep you posted. Related Feature - Lawyers start Xboxing

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