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Infogrames et la femme

French publisher to release game based on "La Femme Nikita"

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French behemoth Infogrames has announced that it has partnered with Warner Brothers to release a game based on "La Femme Nikita". Sadly the game will be based on the American TV series rather than the excellent Luc Besson movie that inspired it, but the basic plot is essentially the same - a young woman imprisoned for murder is selected by a shadowy intelligence service to be trained as an assassin. Infogrames are promising "fast-paced action, unique cooperative gameplay and a thrilling plot-driven story", with the ability to play as either Nikita or her mentor Michael as they "track a sinister terrorist group across the globe in six non-linear missions". With the game slated for release on PC and unspecified "next generation consoles" this autumn, we should know more soon...

Source - press release

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