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Gameplay Takes 2

Special "privilege card" for Gameplay users buying Take 2 games

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Not satisfied with knocking up to 80% off prices for their January sales, Gameplay are now launching a special "privilege card" for its customers, which will give them discounts off Take 2 games. The first title to be included in the deal will be third person action game "Oni", due on PC at the end of February and PS2 in early March. Other games to be included in the promotion later in the year include the amusing Caribbean dictator sim "Tropico" and the impressive looking gangster game "Mafia : City Of Lost Heaven".

Mafia, just one of the games included in the new joint promotion between Gameplay and Take 2

That's not all they have planned for Oni's launch either, as "a range of promotions will be on offer to gamers with great prizes up for grabs including a PlayStation 2". In other words "we can't even give these damn things away, please take one". Well, maybe not. "In addition, customers can also win copies of the game, limited edition Oni comic books, full size Oni standees, and the ultra cool [sic] Oni T-shirts. Cardholders will also be privy to exclusive updates and online interviews."

The only catch is that to get one of the cards you need to buy a PC or PlayStation 2 title from the GamePlay store. Also it comes in the form of an "I-card", a credit card shaped CD-Rom. Needless to say this will only work if you have a tray-loading CD-Rom drive - those of us with slot loaders will have to live without.

Source - press release

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