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WarCraft III Footage!

Check out Blizzard's newest and greatest blockbuster in action

In the face of an even greater invasion, from the Burning Legion, the reunited Orcish Horde and the Human Armies of Azeroth have been forced to shift their attentions from in-fighting and general bickering to basic survival. The chaos to come looks insane, and finally, we have some downloadable footage to show for it. The movie, which is about 14Mb in size, shows quite a long portion of the game, unfortunately with next to no sound to show for it. Visually, WarCraft III looks like a highly advanced blend of StarCraft and WarCraft II, with some fabulous spell animations for the magical characters, some that take up the whole screen with their fury. The hud is similar to the StarCraft offering, with animated faces for each of the units and such, and watching the game in action, it looks remarkably similar in style to those classic RTSes of old. Old-hands from WCII days will be thrilled by the new building construction animations too - I know I was.