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Off the road, on to the PlayStation 2

4x4 Evolution comes to the PS2 in March

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Image credit: Eurogamer

People on the other side of the Atlantic seem to have a strange obsession with big-wheeled all-terrain vehicles, or "Sports Utility Vehicles" as the Americans quaintly call them. This fascination with gas-guzzling behemoths has given rise to a whole string of off-road racing games over the years, including Terminal Reality's "4x4 Evolution", one of the better efforts of recent times. Featuring literally dozens of real-life 4x4 vehicles to drive and a range of freeform courses to race them around, the game proved popular even on this side of the pond.

Now Take 2 have announced that a PlayStation 2 version of the game will be released in March, and we have the screenshots to prove it. Taking full advantage of the polygon-crunching abilities of Sony's new console, the new version includes all of the features of the original (apart from the internet multiplayer support of course) and is certainly looking rather tasty so far.

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