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RedHotAnt: A Follow-up

A story of Trading Standards, the Police and now possible refunds for badly treated clients

It's been a pretty tough few days to swallow for paying customers of doomed service provider RedHotAnt. After receiving a disturbing blanket email on Monday announcing the closure of the service, the word today is that some users may be able to look forward to refunds. Leading UK Internet website ISP Review, has been following the case of a young man called Neil, who signed up on the very day the service closed, as unbeknownst to him, RHA were still taking one or two registrations despite being unable to honour them. After speaking to Trading Standards and other authorities, Neil seems to be getting somewhere. "[Trading Standards] have called Clive Allon (RHA) and it now appears the RHA are doing something towards refunds," he told ISP Review. "It looks like they are being done on a pro-rata basis, and depend on how long each user has been with them and length of line usage." "This seems to leave me in a very strong position, and also may give some hope to everybody else in this matter." We would advise anyone who feels hard done by in light of the closure to contact local authorities and Trading Standards about the case, as although refunds were initially denied, the argument does seem to be getting through. Related Feature - RedHotAnt goes off the boil

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