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Get away scot free

"Grand Theft Auto 2" amongst new range of games available to download for free from Freeloader

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Image credit: Eurogamer

If we had told you five years ago that people would be giving big name games away for free over the internet to anybody willing to answer a couple of questions, you would have thought we were barmy. But that's exactly what British company Freeloader does, and amazingly they are one of the few dot coms that hasn't gone bust yet. Their impressive line up of games includes classics like "Beneath A Steel Sky" and "Hidden & Dangerous" as well as new titles like "Halcyon Sun", and it's hardly surprising that they've already had hundreds of thousands of people from around the world sign up for their piece of the action.

Now Freeloader have sent us word that a new batch of games will be added to the site in February, including the criminal action game "Grand Theft Auto 2", which is set to launch on the site on February 25th. Other additions to their catalogue include the ever-popular artificial life game "Creatures" and a pair of exclusive new sports titles designed specifically for Freeloader - "Purefootball Online Manager 2001" and "Tennis Antics". For more details, head over to the Freeloader website.

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