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Cossacks to ride again in March

CDV's epic real-time strategy game nears release

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If the "Age of Empires" series is your idea of heaven and you are getting desperate for another fix of historical real-time strategy, German publisher CDV might have just the thing for you. "Cossacks : European Wars" from Ukrainian developer GSC Game World spans three centuries of warfare in Europe, including the English Civil War and Thirty Years War, and at first sight it looks strangely familiar. Then you realise that the game's epic battles can comfortably accommodate literally thousands of units, with vast maps to fight over and sixteen nations to choose from. Add an expansive technology tree to research your way through, reconstructions of real historical battles and seven player online modes, and you begin to realise the sheer scope of the game.

Hopefully we will be getting our hands on preview code of the game soon to see if it lives up to expectations, but based on what we saw of Cossacks at the ECTS computer games trade show in London a few months back things are certainly looking promising thus far. It might just prove to be another sneak hit for CDV after the success of "Sudden Strike" last year...

Source - press release

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