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It could only happen in America

Quake player threatens to take CPL commissioner to court over alleged assault

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When the Babbages CPL event ended in Dallas last month, problems with the software running the Quake 3 tournament were the main topic of discussion. But now even more bizarre reports are emerging, with Mark "Twillight" Henry and his sponsors PC Ambulance claiming that the player was physically assaulted by CPL Commissioner Mike Wardwell at the event. What we know for sure is that Mark was removed from the building for "rude and disruptive" behaviour, and during the argument Mike Wardwell placed his hand on Mark, who later called the Dallas police and is trying to get a warrant issued for Mike's arrest!

The whole thing is rather messy, with the CPL saying that Mark had been rude and sarcastic all day but that nothing untoward happened, while Mark claims he was shoved and cursed at by Mike for no obvious reason. Meanwhile internet portal (who coincidentally now own rival outfit the PGL) are sitting on the touchline egging both sides on. So was it a conciliatory hand on the shoulder or a shove in the chest? We may never know, as the only other witnesses to the incident who have so far come forward are apparently a friend of Mark's and an employee of a company whose software was licensed by the CPL, meaning that neither of them is exactly impartial. If the case does come to trial though, one thing is sure - somebody's lawyers are going to make a killing...

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