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Quake III RoQs!

Fancy doing something creative that doesn't involve maps or mods?

"The RoQ video compiler is now in the tools directory on our ftp server," said Graeme Devine at about 4am our time. "I've included several sample param files from id's games to get you all going. If you have specific problems getting it to work, email me and I'll try to help." RoQ is the type of video footage compiled for the cutscenes in Quake III, so if you are a modder, you might do well to take notice. Graeme goes on to talk about the nature of the RoQ system and which areas of the game use which sort of filetype. The different dimensions for the images are included too. If you are interested in this information, you can have a butchers at the rest of his .plan here.

download from ftp.idsoftware.com

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