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SSX GameCube?

You betcha! EA pledge to provide a special edition version for Nintendo's forthcoming console

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Narly, dude! When we reviewed SSX for the PlayStation 2, we came to the conclusion that it was the closest thing to a second generation game that the PS2 had at launch. A snowboarding game of great depth and character, and at the moment our favourite game on the console bar none. Well, following on from the news last week that EA Canada have GameCube development hardware comes the news that EA are planning an updated "special edition" version of SSX for the machine. The game is only in the very early stages of development, but "SSX - Special Edition" as it's known internally will be one of the 'Cube's first sports titles. This announcement actually comes as something of a surprise - it was expected that EA would outsource its titles for development, rather like it does for GameBoy and other conversions. Of course all this is just a rumour of sorts that the company will neither confirm nor deny, but that's fairly standard for the company.

Source - IGN

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