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Latest EA release dates

All the latest news on "Alice", "Black & White" and the rest of EA's line up

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The latest release information is in from Electronic Arts Europe, and there are a few movers. First up is "Alice", the twisted third person shooter from American McGee and the boys at Rogue, which is loosely based on Lewis Carroll's Alice books, "Alice In Wonderland" and "Through The Looking Glass". Although the game recently went gold, it is now not expected on shelves in the UK until December 22nd, just in time for last minute Christmas shoppers. Meanwhile Peter Molyneux's meisterwerk "Black & White" has changed to an ominous "To Be Announced" release date, although we are expecting it some time in the spring.

Grand Prix fans looking for a high octane fix during the winter break in the motor racing calendar will be happy to hear that EA Sports' delayed "F1 Championship Season 2000" is now due for release in the UK on December 8th, allowing you to relive Michael Schumacher's dramatic world championship victory for Ferrari, or to drive as Giancarlo Fisichella and punt the world number one off the road at the first corner...

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