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Railway crisis in Itland

The latest episode of the trippy online dub adventure "Banja" is now online

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Image credit: Eurogamer

One of the more off-the-wall web games that we have come across this year is Banja, in which you play a "little peace-loving Rastafarian" called Banja who lives on an island called Itland. Featuring cute cartoon graphics, bizarre characters, and a damn funky soundtrack, it's certainly well worth a look if you want something completely different.

Now the fourth episode of the game is online, with Itland recovering from the after-effects of a power-cut, which has left a train stuck right outside the island's station. To make things worse, a family of crabs have taken up residence in the train's engine. And you thought the British rail network was in a mess! To make up for the rail chaos, the developers are going to be offering you the brand new single from ambient trance-meister Laurent Garnier on the record player in Banja's house. Having seen him play live at the recent Creamfields festival here in the UK, I can tell you that this will be well worth a listen...

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