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Lights, Camera, Action

3DO enlists Action Man in their latest toy soldier game for the PlayStation

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Yesterday marked the release of 3DO's "Action Man : Destruction X" on PlayStation across Europe, with the popular toy starring in his own game developed by BritSoft company Blitz Games. "Dr. X, Action Man's greatest enemy, has hatched a devious plot to take over the world, and only the man of action himself can stop him", according to the press release announcing the game's arrival. "His quest to discover Dr. X's plan will take him across 36 all-action missions from burning desert sands to the bitter cold of the North Pole, testing his courage and determination all the way. Robot warriors, mutant plants and deadly insects are just a few of the surprises awaiting him."

Lovely. And there's more... "To encompass the whole Action Man world, this action adventure epic has been split into distinct Action and Vehicle levels. In the Action levels the player takes control of Action Man as he investigates deep into the smelly underworld his enemies inhabit. In the Vehicle levels the player takes control of the fantastic range of high velocity, fuel-injected cars, aeroplanes and boats Action Man has at his disposal. Each mission is a white-knuckle ride, pushing the vehicles to the limit and beyond in an attempt to thwart Dr. X. Action Man is in for the ride of his life."

Or, maybe it's just another action-adventure game for the PlayStation... If you want to find out for yourself, the game only costs £20 here in the UK, and is available across Europe now.

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