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Latest UbiSoft release dates

All change for French publisher, as "Stupid Invaders" get lost, Rainbow 6 are held up, and "Pro Rally 2001" takes a quick cut across the grass

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UbiSoft's latest release schedule just arrived, with several major changes. Oddball adventure game "Stupid Invaders" is the highest profile casualty, slipping from a planned November 10th release to December 8th. With off-the-wall humour and vocal talent from actors who have graced cult cartoon series like "Futurama", "The Simpsons" and "Ren & Stimpy", this is one of UbiSoft's most promising games, and we're sorry to see its release delayed again. Another title on the movie is "Pro Rally 2001", which slips a week to December 8th.

Also sliding is "Rainbow 6 : Covert Ops Essentials", which has been delayed until December 1st, despite having been available in the USA for some time now. Newcomers to the Rainbow 6 series can rejoice though, as UbiSoft's recent take-over of developers Red Storm means that a whole flurry of re-releases is on the horizon, with "Rainbow 6 : Gold Pack" due out at a mid-range price on December 8th, along with sequel "Rogue Spear" and its "Urban Operations" add-on, while "Rainbow 6 - Rogue Spear Platinum Edition" is due to follow on January 12th 2001.

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