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Battle Isle goes gold

Blue Byte's new 3D strategy game is done - due on shelves November 24th

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Blue Byte have announced that their new 3D strategy game "Battle Isle : The Andosia War" has gone gold, and is due on shelves across Europe on November 24th. The game is the latest installment in the long-running Battle Isle series which kicked off way back in 1991, and has also spawned a tactical combat game called "Incubation", released in 1997. Developed by Slovakian company Cauldron, the new game features a mixture of both turn-based and real-time strategy, a wide range of units to command, and an impressive looking 3D accelerated environment to fight over, complete with weather effects, day and night cycles, and even tides apparently.

While the game will be available through retail in Europe, in the USA and Canada it is available exclusively through the Blue Byte Direct online store and will set you back $49.99, with a free Plantronics headset thrown in for good measure. For more information, read the press release.

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