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PC Releases

If you go down to the shops today, you're in for a big surprise .. unless we tell you what to expect to find there first

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There's a bumper harvest of fresh new PC game releases this week, headed up third person Viking action game "Rune" from Take 2 and Human Head. Powered by the Unreal engine, it's one of the most beautiful third person games we've ever seen on the PC, and the gameplay isn't bad either. Also well worth a look is cartoonish strategy game "Cultures", which sees you guiding a tribe of .. um .. Vikings (I see a pattern emerging here!) as they colonise America.

Trading in your axes for muskets, "Blair Witch : Legend Of Coffin Rock" is also on shelves today, the second installment in the Gathering of Developers' trilogy of Blair Witch games using the Nocturne engine to provide some atmospheric third person adventuring. "Covert Ops", the latest in the "Rainbow Six" series is another new arrival, apparently featuring a mixture of training sessions, full missions and video sequences of real world "experts" explaining the tactics, weapons and equipment used by counter-terrorist units. Sure to be a hit with gun nuts and would-be mercenaries everywhere.

And if you're looking for something rather less violent, EON have just the thing in the form of "Airfix Dogfighter", a fun little arcade flight sim in which you pilot a range of model airplanes around a house. Think "Toy Story" meets "Their Finest Hour" and you're not too far off. Finally, we have unconfirmed reports from HMV that they now have "Sanity : Aiken's Artifact", "4x4 Evolution", "MoHo" and "Jetfighter 4" in stock, although as two of those weren't due out until the end of the month we're a little skeptical - don't blame us if you get there and can't find them. Thanks to HMV and the Leicester Virgin Megastore for confirming the new arrivals.

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