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Capcom remains multi-platform

It don't matter what colour your console, Capcom are here for ya

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Capcom's enormous line of software titles will remain multi-platform says the beat-em-up giant. Games like Resident Evil and Street Fighter Alpha will always be available cross-platform and the company sees no reason why future online-enabled titles on different formats should be mutually exclusive either, stating in a release earlier this week that despite some teething problems that will no doubt arise there is nothing to prevent gamers competing against one another cross-format. Despite this cross-platform friendliness, the company is still working on titles for specific formats. We would speculate that this announcement was intended to reaffirm support from various corners where it had been dwindling, especially in light of recently announced titles like Resident Evil 0 and Onimusha, which are as far as we know still to be platform-specific.

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