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Sierra has an early Christmas present for you

Publisher announces that Ground Control mission pack will be going for a song in the UK

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American gamers rejoiced earlier this week when they learnt that the "Dark Conspiracy" mission pack for hit 3D strategy game "Ground Control" would cost them a mere $4.95 if they sent Sierra proof that they had already bought the original game. That sounds like a really good deal, but I've got a better one. How about .. I give you a pound, and you give me a penny change?

Yes, British gamers are being offered Dark Conspiracy for a mere 99p for a limited period when the add-on is launched in late November. Not only that, but there's none of the messing around with proof-of-purchase and mail-in offers, all you have to do is visit your local computer games store and track down a copy of the game. With a new faction and fifteen new single player missions, as well as new units, multiplayer modes and more, that's got to be good value for money. For the full scoop, check the press release!

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