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Rayman is revolting ..

.. but then we knew that already. UbiSoft confirm that the loveable platform character Rayman is coming to the Playstation 2

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Image credit: Eurogamer

UbiSoft have announced that they will be releasing the PlayStation 2 platform game "Rayman Revolution" in the UK this November to tie in with the new console's European launch. Rayman has been gracing various console systems over the last five years, debuting on the original PlayStation back in 1995 before going on to sell a healthy six million copies, later appearing on the GameBoy Colour and Dreamcast amongst other systems.

Rayman Revolution's graphics are certainly looking impressive, with all manner of gaudy lighting effects and a wide variety of bizarre settings to show them off in. You don't have to take our word for it either - UbiSoft sent over a dozen brand new screenshots of the game in action to back up their claims. No doubt come November 24th copies will be flying off the shelves and into the waiting paws of the 500,000 lucky people across Europe who managed to pre-order a PlayStation 2 before they ran out of stocks...

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