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Eidos to remain independant

The publishing giant will not be bought by Infogrames or any other French company for that matter

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CTW reports today that Tomb Raider and Ion Storm owners Eidos Interactive will remain independant despite the takeover talks that have been mounting lately. According to Eidos' statement, "the Board gave the approach serious consideration, but concluded that the terms did not represent fair value for shareholders". As such the Wimbledon-based publishing firm will not be taken over and shall keep trading. After the success of Deus Ex and the taking into account the forthcoming releases of the next Championship Manager and Tomb Raider titles, the company should be in fairly good stead come this year's Christmas period. As for its trivia title Who Wants to be a Millionaire - Eidos are confident that the show's reputation and an enormous advertising campaign should sell it by itself..

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