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Mostly Harmless

Developers of cult massively multiplayer game "Subspace" sign deal with Sony?

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The fall-out from last week's collapse of the GameFan Network continues, as "Subspace" creators Harmless Games cut loose of the company. Originally Harmless had signed a deal with Brainscan Interactive to publish and help fund their new online game, "Infantry", but then Maximum Holdings took over both Brainscan and the GameFan Network, only to then be absorbed into itself. Now, with Brainscan's owners in disarray, Harmless have bought back the rights to Infantry and apparently signed a new deal with Sony.

" / Maximum Holdings has sold the publishing rights to Infantry to another company", lead programmer Jeff Peterson confirmed in an interview with Game Addicts. "I brought the parties together to make this deal happen as I thought it would be in the best interest of everybody involved - even the players should benefit from this deal. doesn't really want to be in the business of publishing online games, [while] the company purchasing the rights specializes in publishing games and has a need for our type of product. Harmless Games wants their game to have a good home with a publisher who can properly push it, and the players want Infantry to continue to be supported. All these needs are well met by this deal."

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