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Poirot goes digital

UbiSoft launch an unusual sounding "e-mail detective game" called Myster-E

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Next Friday will see the launch of UbiSoft's latest game, but this one is something a little different... Described as an "e-mail detective game", all you need to play "Myster-E" is a computer with a net connection - simply sign up for the game and you will receive the first of a string of e-mails, setting up the mystery which you are to solve.

The first episode is produced in partnership with Le Routard, a French company which makes guide books, and as a result your contact sending you the e-mails each day is a character called Eddie who has been sent to India to update part of their "Guide du Routard" on the country. Each e-mail you receive will give you more information, and present you with a series of choices of what advice you wish to give to Eddie as you help guide him through the mystery. It's certainly a .. novel idea. To find out more, read the press release, and head over to the French UbiSoft website on Friday to try it out for yourself.

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