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American flips out

American McGee reveals the strange truth behind his new computer game based on "Alice in Wonderland"...

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Image credit: Eurogamer

For some time now people have been dying to know exactly which illegal narcotics former id Software designer American McGee was imbibing, inhaling or ingesting when he came up with the idea of making a Quake 3 engined third person action-adventure game based on Lewis Caroll's classic children's stories about a rather befuddled young girl called Alice, who falls down a rabbit hole and finds herself in "Wonderland", later passing "Through The Looking Glass". And now we finally know...

"This magical goat named Elbow came down out of the sky on a stairway of onions and bit me on the leg", American explains in an interview with GameSpy. "I knew to take this as a message from Obi Wan to create a video game centered on cow tipping. But because I know how much PETA would hate that, I went against this divine commandment and started work on "Phallus." Just the other day I realized that the Rogue guys have been working on this "Alice" thing, so I guess there was some sort of mix-up. Anyway, Alice has a nice ring to it, so everything is cool."

Um .. ok Mr McGee, time for your medication... Just take the blue pill and follow the white rabbit. That's right.

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