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The US buzzes with only a month to go

There's little else to read about in the big PlayStation magazines and news sites these days - impact in 24 days and counting..

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The news is breaking all over of the full US lineup, with many sites (such as GameCenter) carrying rough approximations of the release schedule for November, whilst others (including IGN) have details of releases all the way into 2001! The magic number of titles that look set to be released alongside the unit is 27, although that said figures have shown through general concensus that most people intend to buy three or perhaps fewer titles before Christmas. There's also exhaustive details of more PS2 shenanigens courtesy of Sony's recent "Gamer's Day". The most interesting informatory nuggets include the news that the bundle will not as was previously supposed include a playable demos disc, that Sony is working on 10 titles in-house as of now, and that Gran Turismo 2000 will be released in first quarter 2001 and almost certainly renamed to the more sensible Gran Turismo 3 - Sony's reasons for the change are fairly obvious. Over here the hype continues, albeit rather uselessly - after all who are they hyping it to? The people who haven't secured their consoles yet? Basically all the pre-order application forms are gone, although does claim to have some going (and this writer can confirm their existence). The price is still an issue for some people, although the more erstwhile will recall that this isn't the first time a console has retailed for $299 over there and £299 over here. Despite a petition to try and bring Sony to their senses, the £100 or so difference in price is unlikely to change. Meanwhile, writers continuously debate over Sony's decision to lower the console allocation for the USA. It seems that the Western launch of the beige box's sequel is to be very different to its Far Eastern one..

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