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Frag 4 underway in Dallas

The CPL's biggest teamplay tournament kicks off, just across the road from Dealey Plaza

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Frag 4, the latest of the Frag series of events organised by The CPL, is now underway in Dallas, Texas. 700 gamers pre-registered for the event, which will host a huge Quake 3 teamplay tournament, Counter-Strike and Quake 3 Rocket Arena competitions, as well as the CPL's first women-only Quake 3 tournament. $30,000 in cash prizes are up for grabs, making this the lowest paying CPL event in recent history, but the level of competition should still be high with top Quake 3 clans from Europe and the USA battling it out in the teamplay tournament, and some of the top female players in the world turning out for the women's Quake 3 event. You can find all the latest results on the Frag 4 website, and several other sites are covering the event including Cached and Challenge-US.

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