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Latest Sierra release information

We get the latest UK release dates for Sierra's line-up, including Gunman and SWAT 3 : Elite Edition

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The latest UK release schedule just arrived from Sierra, with updates on their line-up for the rest of the year. Space-bound real-time strategy game "Homeworld Cataclysm" will be hitting store shelves tomorrow as planned, while the ancient Greek flavoured city building sim "Zeus" is now due on November 17th, and tactical combat game "SWAT 3 : Elite Edition" is set for release at the end of October.

One of Sierra's biggest titles for the end of the year though is "Gunman Chronicles". A first person shooter which started out life as a free user-made add-on for Quake, before switching to the Half-Life engine, and finally evolving into a fully featured stand-alone game earlier this year with the support of Sierra and Half-Life developers Valve. Although the Half-Life engine is rather dated by now, Gunman should still be well worth a look, and with a December 8th release date it should appear just in time to fill Christmas stockings across the country.

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