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Latest Cryo and Empire release information

All the latest UK release information from Cryo and Empire, including games such as Gift, Arthur's Knights, Sheep, and Battle of Britain

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The latest release schedule from French publisher Cryo Interactive just arrived, with a host of new UK release information on their titles. Their third person action-adventure game "Hellboy", in which you play the eponymous demonic looking hero, is currently set for release on November 3rd. Meanwhile the bizarre looking "Gift" is now due on November 10th, along with "Arthur's Knights", an adventure game inspired by the legends of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, which mixes lush painted backdrops with real-time 3D characters.

New release information has also arrived from Empire, whose decidely odd puzzle game "Sheep" is also expected on November 10th. Sheep sees you guiding the dumb wool-coated animals of the title through a series of fiendish levels packed with a variety of obstructions and ludicrous sheep-mangling devices, and is surprisingly good fun. On a more serious note, the promising looking "Rowan's Battle of Britain" has slipped to November 17th, with strategy game "Stars! Supernova Genesis" due early next year.

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