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Latest UK release information

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The latest UK release schedule from Eidos just arrived, with some noteworthy changes - the recently announced "Tomb Raider Chronicles" is set for a November release (surprise, surprise), while "Hitman 47", "Project IGI" and "Chicken Run" are now all due for release on November 24th. Looks like it could be a busy month for the troubled British publisher.

New release information has also arrived from another British company, Virgin Interactive. Their Trek flavoured real time strategy game "Star Trek : New Worlds" has been pushed back a couple of weeks to the end of September, while their 4x4 game (previously known as "4x4 Trophy" and "Offroad Challenge") has slipped to the end of October and undergone yet another name change, this time to "Screamer 4x4". Meanwhile the promising looking action strategy game "Giants" is now due in December, and sci-fi tactical action game "Gunlok" moves to November 24th.

Remember, for a full list of all the latest UK release dates, direct from the publishers, check EuroGamer's UK release date list!

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