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Image credit: Eurogamer

Never ones to miss out on Microsoft's off and on-record announcements, are reporting on the possibility of Microsoft introducing an a handheld Xbox unit. With a direct quote from J. Allard on the Xbox team they report that "it would be foolish to say 'never' to something like a handheld opportunity, but right now the entire team is focused on delivering an amazing console launch in 2001 and fantastic games. In general, we'll take our cues from xbox gamers and developers when considering future opportunities like this.." It's a well known fact that Nintendo's GameBoy Color grossed more sales worldwide than all of the other consoles (N64, PlayStation and Dreamcast) put together. It's no surprise then that Microsoft are not ruling out the possibility of such a unit. Nintendo's GameBoy Advance will put up some incredibly stiff opposition to the move should Microsoft ever choose to make it. Especially bearing in mind the failure of the Neo Geo Pocket Color earlier this year. Microsoft are of course a much bigger adversary than the united colours of SNK, but Nintendo's brand name is so strong it may be hard to break down, and any such move from MS would have to come after the Xbox was released.

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