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File under "will they never learn"

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Fans of the Ultima series are today bandying together to try and get EA to develop Ultima 10, despite the fact that the bitter swansong to the series, Ultima Ascension flopped in a major way due to bugs and inconsistancies. The petition looks set to inflame yet more debates about Ultima IX, but the writers are eager to point out their issues with the game as well, far from acting like the "fanboys" some of us have come to associate with the series, pointing out that it "turned out to be a buggy, unfinished, barely playable game". Well spotted. "The purpose of this petition is for Origin to Realize what went wrong with Ultima 9 and to try their best to fix this. By this, I mean release Ultima 10. If Ultima 10 could be developed without EA's interference, and with Lord British in the mix, it could easily be the best game ever. If Ultima 1-7 is anything to go by, Ultima 10 could really be better than Diablo, Starcraft, or even Half-Life." Sadly we fear that not even Lord British can rescue this one.

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