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Alien Resurrection Announced on PlayStation

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Those of you who have played Aliens Versus Predator on the PC will know what it's like to be scared by a PC game. The effect Alien-based games have on people is truly hilarious. The funniest thing I've seen this year was EuroGamer's Marketing Manager Mat Bettinson leaping out of his skin at the i5 LAN Party while playing the thing. He was literally reduced to a quivering wreck enduring fits of giggles on the floor. Not pretty. If you want to share his condition, you'll be pleased to hear that Fox Interactive are poised to release Alien Resurrection on the PlayStation in a month's time. The press release indicates that it will take the form of a Resident Evil-like survival horror title, and developer Argonaut is allegedly using the next month or so to adjust the game's difficulty in certain levels, which has been described by some as impenetrable. It is thought that the game will be available toward the end of October to fans everywhere. Very little preview information seems to be available on the title, but it's a safe assumption that dangerous levels of firepower will intersect with startling aliens and there will be lots of death and ruckus as a result.

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