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Latest Take 2 release information

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The latest UK release schedule has just arrived from Take 2 Europe, with several notable changes since last month. Several key titles have slipped, with the third of the "Blair Witch" games now delayed from the end of November to early next year, and "Oni" following suit - hardly surprising given the state the game was apparently in when we saw it at ECTS recently. Caribbean dictator sim "Tropico" has been pushed back from first quarter to second quarter 2001, and "Max Payne" has been delayed yet again, this time slipping from second quarter to third quarter 2001.

Worst of all are "Hidden & Dangerous 2" and "Mafia : City Of Lost Heaven" from Illusion Softworks - both games are now due at the end of 2001 rather than the beginning of the new year. Meanwhile the PC version of the bizarre action game "MoHo" has been pushed back a month to November 24th, although flight sim "Jetfighter 4" has been brought forward a month to October 27th - now there's something you don't see very often...

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