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Crytek announces first games

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Image credit: Eurogamer

, the German developer behind the impressive tech demo which NVIDIA were using to show off their GeForce 2 Ultra card at the recent ECTS trade show in London, has announced its first games. X-Isle is a first person squad-based shooter which forms the basis of the NVIDIA tech demo, and features a single player campaign as well as team-based multiplayer modes, while Engalus is a futuristic action-adventure game in which you play an assassin, rebel and mercenary called Jordain.

Both games use the CryEngine, which features support for all the latest industry buzzwords - hardware T&L, bump mapping, curved surfaces, shader effects, dynamic level of detail, skeletal animation, and volumetric fog. As well as coming to the PC, the games are also planned to be released on almost every platform from Dreamcast and Playstation 2 to Xbox and GameCube. For the full story, read the press release.

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