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Gadgetry meets Wizardry

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Amongst the new features of Wizardry 8, the latest installment in the (very) long running role-playing game series, is a new character class known as the "Gadgeteer". In an interview with RPG Vault, project leader Linda Currie explained that the "Gadgeteers create strange and unusual devices to help their teammates".

"Their methods are a bit unconventional, but they are every bit as powerful as more traditional classes such as fighter or mage. The Gadgeteer's basic weapon is his Omnigun, a hand-crafted firearm of his own invention. Gadgeteers improve their Omniguns as they go up in levels. Furthermore, the Omnigun is capable of firing all kinds of ammunition making it extremely versatile. Where Gadgeteers really shine, though, is in creating their own gadgets - a Gadgeteer can combine a couple of cast-off items from the high-tech world of Dominus into a new and powerful device."

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