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Barrysworld Championships underway

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The finals of the Barrysworld European Quake3 Championship began bright and early this morning and the first results for Group A are now in. The event, taking place throughout the weekend at The Playing Fields in London features the eight surviving national teams from the on-line qualifiers which have been taking place over the past few months.

Slovenia 2 - 0 Belgium Russia 2 - 0 Finland Sweden 2 - 0 Belgium Ireland 0 - 2 Finland

These two losses mean Belgium - a country not famous for their sporting prowess - are now out of the competition. They faced a difficult group however - tournament favourite Swedish team crucified them 320-83.

You can watch the action live through the Quake TV system. Connect to one of the following servers in Quake3:

Demos of the games should be available by the evening.

For live coverage of the event visit, who have their roving reporters Izno and Sujoy 'Thunder Fingers' Roy updating with individual match reports throughout the weekend.

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