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Ye Cannae Change The Laws Of Physics

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Image credit: Eurogamer

It's a fairly well known fact that, for some reason, how high you can jump in Quake 3 Arena depends on your frame rate. The jump up to the megahealth on Q3DM13 is an obvious example - with the right frame rate settings you can simply hop up into the alcove, with the edge of the ledge helping to pull you up. Now one Quaker thinks he has the answer as to why the physics in Quake 3 depend on how fast your computer is.

In a rather lengthy and technical messageboard post on Quake3World, "Coriolis" claims that differences in player velocity are caused by rounding errors, and that whether your velocity is rounded up or down depends on how often the game calculates your speed, which in turn depends on frame rate. Some simple mathematics involving the acceleration due to gravity in Quake 3 and the sampling rate of your velocity produces the gain in height you will achieve at different frame rates. Allegedly. This guy has far too much free time on his hands...

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