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Back To The Garage

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

was unveiled earlier this summer, a company founded by veterans of Starsiege Tribes developers Dynamix, and intended to encourage and support independent and amateur game development. According to co-founder Jeff Tunnel, "GarageGames will be offering awesome technology, a game development community, exposure and possible money making opportunities for independent game makers". In an interview on 3D Action Planet, Jeff explains how this is going to work...

"We will allow anybody to make games and post them on our site. Players will determine who survives and who thrives. The biggest difference between us and traditional publishers is that we provide technology, tools, and community to aid developers in creating their games. You could say that we are aimed more at the start-up developer. A traditional publisher assumes the developer knows how to create a game and has the proper tools to do it. Garagegames is 180 degrees from that approach in assuming many, many people have creative ideas, but no way to express themselves."

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