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Morrowind Construction Kit?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

, the company behind classic games like "Dagger Fall" and "Terminator : Future Shock", is currently hard at work on the latest installment of their "Elder Scrolls" RPG series - "Morrowind". But the release of the game won't mark the end of its development, as Bethesda will be releasing a "Construction Set" for the game, allowing players to create "plug-ins" to add their own content to the game.

"The Construction Set makes it incredibly easy to make you own quests, towns, NPCs, weapons...anything really", project leader Todd Howard told GameSpy in an interview today. "These files plug into your current game, so they aren't isolated things. For instance, you can download a plug-in that places an evil Sorcerer into an existing town, thus making all the game's NPCs afraid."

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