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Rocket Arena 3 Released!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The highly-anticipated Rocket Arena 3 mod for Quake 3: Arena has finally been released! A few last-minute technical problems (who pulled the power cord out of the web server?) meant the release was delayed by a few minutes, but now you can finally find out whether it was worth waiting for.

For the uninitiated, Rocket Arena is a uniquely frenzied type of deathmatch modification - players spawn with a full complement of guns and ammunition meaning individual rounds are often short and deadly. Rocket Arena 3 looks to be a fully-featured, professionally polished affair. In addition to the hundreds of arenas to play on, this version boasts 4 play modes, a 14-song soundtrack and even a built-in MP3 player!

To get your sweaty mitts on the goods, head straight over to our download page now!

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