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Vehicles in Tribes 2

One of the most anticipated multiplayer action games of the year is "Tribes 2", the sequel to popular team-based first person shooter "Starsiege Tribes". Amongst the new features being added to the sequel is more vehicles to drive and fly around the battlefield in, and in an interview with 3DActionPlanet, producer Dave Georgeson has described how the vehicles add to the game without completely changing the focus.

"The game is still very much about mobile powered armor (suits). The vehicles add tactical possiblities to the battlefield. They do NOT replace suits...they merely enhance them. For instance, the Shrike (aerial scout) and the Outrider (ground scout) are mainly very fast vehicles that allow quick scouting and transportation. The Outrider provides shielding protection while the Shrike allows an eye-in-the-sky for teams and aerial defense. The other vehicles (the assault tank, the mobile point base, the bomber, and the heavy transport) have their individual tactical uses, but the ground vehicles will probably end up being strongpoints to rally attacks around, while the air vehicles will be alternate attack transports that allow players to soften up targets before pouncing on them. But the game cannot be won by vehicles. Suits are very much required to win."

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