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The Future of RTS Games

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The real time strategy genre is a big and successful one. Most game players at one time or another will spend hours upon hours building more tanks, and more infantry. Over time the substance of RTS games has not really changed that much. In reality what is the difference between Command and Conquer and Tiberian Sun. Besides graphics and sound the games are almost identical. Many people would say the first game is better. have a look at the whole RTS genre on a whole and do some tough talking.

He makes the observation, "To make their games better, they study RTS titles past, present -- and when they can get their hands on them -- future. That's fine, but it's not the key to that stud-muffin destiny. Innovation is". He goes through how some games of the past, and some of the present are original brought originality to the genre. He does not pull any punches and finishes with, "On the other hand, those developers churning out the games whose claim to fame is "stunning 3-D graphics" or "control thousands of uniquely animated units," are doomed to sink into the dusty depths of discount bins, only sought by the pasty-faced, gaming hard core".

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