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Return to Castle Wolfenstein Interview

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Anyone with even a passing interest in games of any nature has herd of Wolfinstien, most of those probably played it aswell. It was a pity really that no sequel ever happened. ID Software, the original developers moved on to another project and the Quake World weenie was born. Well a few months ago it became apparent that at long last that someone was doing a sequel to what many consider one of the greatest computer games of all time. The people with the burden of expectation is Activision. Gamespot TV interview Drew Markham the Producer of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

He begins, "So many people know it. It's one of the top five recognized PC game titles of all time," Markham said. He continues by giving us a insight into the exact plot the game is going to follow, "Himmler and the SS, and a lot of fictional divisions of the SS that didn't really exist: an occult division, a paranormal division, the genetic scientists and their desire to basically create something-- a power, an evil power under their control that will spell complete disaster for the Allies and the free world" Check this one out, as its going to be big news.

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