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Horizon Chat

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Image credit: Eurogamer

have an interview with James Jones about the upcoming 'MMORPG' (massively multiplayer online role playing game) Horizon, they introduce some of the more complex theories behind the game, "almost every item in the game can be player made or scavenged. Providing alternate means to survive and advance without predominantly living on a coin system. A major focus of the items is economic balance and trade. If money becomes too common in the realm it begins to drastically devalue"

They go into the skills that are needed to get into the game, and the skills that sets this game apart form the likes of Ultima Online and everQuest, "This will include the "uber" items. If the item is found somewhere in the game, expect to find a formula to make that item somewhere in the game." This one looks to be another big player in the competitive MMORPG market.

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